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SGTL is very well equipped with all classical / standard gemmological instruments and advanced techniques like FTIR and EDXRF spectrometers. SGTL has prepared and maintains a standardised nomenclature in accordance with the international CIBJO standandards.


The SGTL diamond graders report includes an assessment of a diamonds 4cs color, clarity cut and carat weight along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics and a graphic representation of a diamond properties for standard round brilliant cut diamond follows in the D to 2 color range the report also includes a SGTL cut grade.

The SGTL laboratory issue diamond grades report for mounted or unmounted loose or fitting in jewelleries natural diamond the D to 2 color range that weight 0.10 carats or more SGTL diamond gracing report are not issued synthetics.

Every specimen is examined by two gemmologists independently. The results are then correlated and a report is issued. Testing is carried out by following the pre-determined criteria strictly. In some cases a situation arises wherein there is a difference of opinion among the gemmologists; in such cases the specimen maybe returned without an identification report.

SGTL offers distinct types of reports depending on the category. Each report will be laminated and contain a photograph of the specimen under test.
SGTL has also introduced a report verification system where you can authenticate your report. Customer should know the original certificate, We SGTL - Mention first certificate file number like "110YIM005" Second measurement like "3.24*4.98*13.68" should be match to that stone to only unmounted stone .Third carat weight like "4.309" should match what we have issue certificate weight should match the stone. Please Click here to verify your report

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