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Terms and Conditions:
This Report is issued by the S. Gems Testing Lab(SGTL) and accepted by the client on the following terms and conditions :
1. The Client acknowledge this report is not a guarantee Valuation or appraisal, and may not be referred to as such.
2. A Gemstorn can be treated, modified and re-cut, to enhance its colour and clarity at anytime. Therefore the conclusions of this report reflects the findings at the time it is issued.
3. Any dispute arising out of this report falls within the jurisdiction of the law courts of Karnataka Only.
4. SGTL is on no account responsible for possible dissimilarities and/.or differences that could appers from repeated examinations or as a result of other methods applied or the possible inaccuracy due to the technical/ mechanical defects/errors of the instruments/equlpments used.
5. Please check the weight and size before and after any transaction of the gems stone.

I Accept the above Terms and Conditions.

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