SGTL is a commercial organization with a team of efficient professionals in Gemmology.Every one knows the value and place of precious minerals in the world commercial growth.Precious Minerals like Diamonds and other Minerals like Gold has vital role in world economy.

Stone Identification

Identifies materials & lists detectable treatments.

Origin Report

An Identification Report, with geographic origin added.

Laser Inscription

Inscribes the stone's unique SGTL report number

Quality Assurance

Testing/sorting to separate natural from synthetic materials

Damage Assessment

Identifies and describes any damage since the gemstone was last polished.

SGTL Gem Certificate

Attractively designed Certificate

Our Service

SGTL attracts Customers from all over the city. Covering Testing of diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, jewellery design, sales, merchandising; SGTL offers hands-on skills relevant to the real world.

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